Restyle Your Mind


It was a little synchronicity and a strong sense of timing that lead me to work with Mariela as a mentor/coach. And it truly has made a tremendous impact and positive shift in my life. Working together aloud me to see the bigger picture and understand the importance of taking steps toward my future goals. Mariela truly cares about her clients in a way that in both inspiring and encouraging. A true boss babe that continues to support and empower! If you are even thinking of joining her on your it. Cheers. 

Megan Kettl

 First and foremost, thank you Mariela, thank you! For the past few years, I have been feeling stuck regarding my career and a certain project that I am extremely passionate about. This project is very dear to me, but I just can't seem to get it off the ground. Fear, procrastination, and heavy self-doubt all decided to come together to mess with me. Although I hate to admit this, I allowed it. Finally, enough was enough and decided to do something about it. After my first conversation with Mariela, I deeply felt that things were about to transpire positively. She began by asking all the right questions that made me come to the realization of what was holding be back and really come face to face with the root of the problem. Once that was addressed, something magical happened, I started to get to work! Mariela strategically crafted a very precise schedule for me to follow daily, in which it has helped me immensely. There were days where I would I fall off the wagon, but there she was, ready to whip me up into shape in which I am exceedingly grateful for. I appreciate all the inspirational and meditation videos. Also, thank you for genuinely listening to me with your open mindedness and non-judgmental. My project is now coming along and I no longer fear where my life path is heading towards. You are the real deal and is meant to do this. Once again, Thank You!

Liz Parra

Mariela is a true Boss Babe! Not only is she an example of a Business Babe, she is also so sweet and really down for her girl gang! Since I’ve met Mariela, even before I started my own online brand she encouraged me so much to just go for it and really pushed me to go for my dream of owning my own brand! I will forever be grateful for Mariela’s constant encouragement and positive words! I would recommend her to anyone! She is a gem and has plenty of years of experience!!!

Lecey Paredes