A little birdie told me

by mariela torres March 23, 2017

So there's this thing that I do to communicate with the universe. Most of you will think it's bizarre but I'm going to share with you anyway cause today it moved me like never before.

I ask the universe for signs whenever I am going through a difficult situation or unsure about a decision or life path I should or should not take. I ask for a hummingbird to appear. It can appear in real life, a mural, a sticker, a picture, whatever. When the universal sign shows up it let's me know that I'm on the right path also I pay very close attention to what I am thinking about at the time it appears and it helps me make a clear decision.

My mom loved hummingbirds so thats why I chose them as a sign. Whenever I see one flittering around I deeply feel it's her soul saying "te amo, te amo, te amo, con todo mi corazon." Which is something she would often express to me when she was here. I have had a rough couple of weeks and today finally woke up feeling back to normal and then the most amazing thing happened to me. It was overwhelmingly beautiful and magical. I was grabbing things out of my car when I notice a fairly small tree branch falling from the large 15 ft tree I was standing next to, the group of birds perched on that branch got startled and start flying what seemed like towards me in unison, they all fly away except one bird- a hummingbird and it hovered right above me for awhile. I have been feeling so lonely, depressed, anxious, defeated, like giving up, quitting, even thinking about getting a "normal" job. 

I stood there crying and smiling at the same time because I felt sooooo loved and protected. I instantly forgave myself for all the the negative thoughts I had been stirring up in my mind the past couple of weeks. Like I mentioned earlier when my universal sign shows up I pay close attention to what I am thinking about.

Right before the tree branch fell I kept thinking about how blessed I am and an enormous sense of gratitude came over me. I was thinking about how lucky I am to have found my passion, how much I love creating Killem With Chic tee's, how rad that I am able to do this full-time regardless of the daily struggles and how fucking hard it is as an entrepreneur trying to make shit happen. I also thought "you are here for a reason you are trying to create so much more than just a clothing line. You want to inspire confidence and strength, you want to empower self love, you want to help grow girl power, you want to touch people's hearts and heal the world through love and that you can never ever give up on." 

Thanks for the confirmation little birdie. 




mariela torres
mariela torres


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