Fuck fear

by mariela torres October 15, 2017

I am currently writing this in Humboldt county. I don't know if it's the redwood trees, the mountains, the fresh air (not the polluted ozone I normally breath in LA) or the abundance of cannabis up here but I'm having revelation after revelation. 

A few months ago I was invited to attend a 12 hour master mind. The room oozed creativity and genius. Around the table sat 13 intellectuals all making six-figures + on their own businesses and then little ol' me. I remember feeling so unworthy solely because I'm not making that kind of cash YET. This older dude strongly resembling Mick Jagger leisurely walks up and starts to talk to me about the clothing line he once had. He goes on about the multiple warehouses he owned, his manufacturing company and all the celebrities in LA and NY once wearing his brand. I remember feeling so insignificant as I engaged in a conversation with this old Hollywood rockstar. "I'm not at that level..." he cuts me off "We all started from the bottom. I know you'll do great things and we've only been talking for 5 minutes. Not just anyone gets invited to this master mind" he continued.

 As I walked in solidarity through the redwood forest I realized how terrified I am, also these debilitating thoughts... Totally fucking up my vibe, man. A few months ago I announced I was starting a podcast but have been scared witless to. As I aimlessly wandered in between the tallest trees in the world I became fully aware. I am literally floating on a 4.5 billion year old massive rock in the middle of space, what the hell is there to be afraid of?! Starting a podcast / creating a platform to empower other women so that we can ALL live in a better world is something I HAVE to do. Fuck fear.

Last week someone very special sent me this quote "I am an ancient soul assisting this planet in a human body." I deeply KNOW what my gifts are and I will NOT let fear hinder me any longer from giving them to the world. I will leave this earth a little more beautiful, a little more magical, a better, more loving place to live simply because my soul decided to stop by. *insert shooting star emoji here 

mariela torres
mariela torres


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