Dear self, I love you.

by mariela torres September 27, 2017

Dear self, I love you.

One year ago on 9/21/16 I was in the middle of taking an 8 week course -> compassion it. On this day we were asked to write a loving, compassionate letter to our self. The instructor said she'd be sending our letters to us a year later. I received mine last week. It was emotional but uplifting to read this self love note I had written to the future Mari. It was also astonishing to notice how much life had changed for me in such a short period of time. 

Today is my 32nd birthday sooo I decided to write myself another loving, compassionate letter... This time in a blog post format. 

Happy Birthday! Fuck man, you're 32! Isn't it crazy how you thought you'd be living this totally different life? And isn't this life just so much more better?! 

Since it's your day I wanted to pour some lovin' all up on you. 

First off, look at who you have become! You have become a light beam. You have become an inspiration. You have become a spiritual being connected to source. You have deeply learned to trust the universe and have this magical connection with it. You have become the boss babe business owner of Killem With Chic. You have become a risk taker. A free spirit. You have chosen to live a life different than most, full of life, adventure and spontaneity. You have become one the coolest people I know. You have become the person people call for spiritual advice, fashion advice, relationship advice, entrepreneurial advice, restaurant advice, cool shit to do advice, and for being a person people can vent to or call when they need a positive pick me up. You're also the best person to call for a spontaneous road trip cause you a down ass bisssh that's always up for an adventure. 

I'm proud of you for always choosing to stay positive and level headed in every situation that you encounter. I'm proud of you for being forgiving and for loving people unconditionally. I'm proud of you for making others feel groooovy when they're around you. For being a person that wants to do amazing things for humanity. For being a person that is creating a platform for women to improve their mindset, master self love and a confident attitude, to learn about style and how to be the dopest version of themselves. I'm proud of you for giving up on being "perfect" and becoming perfect by becoming yourself. 

I also want to remind you of a few things that I know you sometimes forget. Trust your gut, homegirl. Your intuition is beyond powerful.

Know that when you are self doubting, feeling discouraged, feeling low spirited or caught up in some bullshit YOU have the ability to change your reaction to it and shift your energy into a positive state. 

You have gone through some pretty gnarly shit and look at how strong and resilient it made you. YOU CAN GET THROUGH ANYTHING. 

Whenever you feel a vast gust of wind, or notice a hummingbird nearby know that your momma is around and that she is so proud of you. 

Treasure that like the sun, the moon and stars the universe created you to do extraordinary, magical things. 

Today I vow to always have pure and admirable thoughts about you. I vow to love you unconditionally and to treat you like the magical unicorn that you are. 

Happy Birthday you amazing woman, you. 



mariela torres
mariela torres