Hey thoughts, shut the fuck up!

by mariela torres July 11, 2017

Hey thoughts, shut the fuck up!

"Welcome to your awaking" I sobbingly praised my brother. Last night Andres (bro bro) and I had the most heartfelt conversation. Just like my momma, he stresses and gets anxious. He is one of the most raddest dudes you will ever meet but sometimes let's his thoughts get the best of him. Ever heard the expression "Stress will kill you"? Well, that's what happened to my momma... Anxious and stress were her middle name. I will always remember her calling me one late evening, she seemed shaken up; "Mommy, que tienes?" I asked. She had seen a white car flipped over on the side of the freeway and called to make sure it wasn't me. My mom was/is the BEST momma a girl can ask for but boy oh boy did she let her nervousness run amuck. 

A few weeks ago my brother was going through it, negative "fake" thoughts we're taking over. "Negative thoughts aren't real, they don't belong to us" I kept reiterating. They can be real if you let them though... Thoughts> feelings> reality that's how the universe works. There are times when these ridiculous thoughts pop in my head and I will literally say "shut the fuck up" out loud and snap myself back into a positive state. I know the negative affect it can have on my life IF I let them consume me.  

My brother is killing it at life right now. He just got two major LIFE CHANGING opportunities come his way. He's happy, in love, and abundant in all areas of his life. He's become fully aware of controlling his thoughts and feelings, like I said he has awakened! "I understand it now" he said. 

Our convo got deep. We chatted about consciousness and energy, and how all humans are just star dust. "We are literally floating in space, here for a split second. Fuck stressing, let's be fearless and do unreal things with our lives" we eagerly said to each other. We babbled on about how reality isn't reality and how the stars, moon, sun and ocean that is real. We shed tears over how much our momma loved us and continues to do so even now. (we always feel her around) Right before my mom passed away my brother and I both got the most tranquil and peaceful sensation come over us, it was overwhelming. We were in a room full of our entire family, him and I looked over at each other and we just knew she was going to pass but we also knew that everything was going to be ok. "How lucky are we?! Our mom / god love us that much that they sent us that transcendental message." we sobbingly said. Every time I think about that moment I feel so blessed. 

Ok guys, so now that you know that my brother and I are a duo of rad weirdos into some good juju vibes let's talk about what's happening in our world.. I mean, we are going through some shit, right?! Now imagine if we all woke up?! Yoooo, we could seriously change the shift in the world.

When I first started blogging it was about fashion. I love fashion (obviously I own a clothing line) and think it's extremely important, it's a representation of who you are and a way to express yourself BUT I think that this knowledge I carry will add more value to your life then teaching you what shoes to pair with a maxi dress. I know how changing my thoughts/emotions dramatically changed my world so I want to pass this on to others. I deeply feel that it's my life duty to talk about this awesome stuff. It's also one of the main reasons why I'm starting the I Don't Give A Chic podcast. (airs this Thursday... eeeek!)

Once you master controlling your thoughts the universe is on your side. I seriously feel like I have magical powers because I feel so connected. There's a bench at the end of a trail I walk everyday, I sit and meditate there daily. Because of the convo I had with my brother last night, I woke up feeling ultra blessed. I sat there in such a blissful state and kept thinking, everything I want is coming - it's already here, I then whisper "send me a sign" I open my eyes and a hummingbird was fluttering right in front of me. I burst into tears, again... (chiona pero chingona) If you dont know by now, hummingbirds are my universal sign, my momma loved them so whenever I see one, I get all tingly and shit. 

I want to end this post with this quote "Once you become consciously aware of just how powerful your thoughts are, you will realize how everything in your life is exactly how YOU allow to be"

WAKE UP, babes! Become aware, become self-conscious!  The world needs us. 

mariela torres
mariela torres