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by mariela torres June 03, 2017

"Fake people have an image to maintain real people just don't care..." I've been wanting to write about this for awhile now, what made me finally write about it today was a post on Instagram, it was a flower delivery picture with 'Just because roses' as the caption... sweet, right? No, not when you're in a toxic, unhealthy relationship. I know the girl that posted it very well and I know she's extremely unhappy. She constantly talks shit about her dude but on social media makes it seem like she's in the most happy and loving relationship. 

I'm a hopeless romantic so I think it's super cute when people post pictures of their partner buuuut there's a line that a lot of people cross. First off don't talk shit about your partner then post loving pictures / captions... Like yoooo, didn't you just say you hated them last week? Secondly if you're that in love then you don't need to write fucking novels as captions on why that person is your soulmate. No one needs to know that much about your love life but the person you're in the relationship with. If you're truly that happy you don't need to prove shit to anyone. 

I use to work at Bloomingdales. There's this chick that I also know very well (San Diego is a small city) that would come in, buy shit, wear it out, post it on social media and then return it a few weeks later. On social media she makes it seem like all she wears is red bottoms and Gucci which hey I'm all for, but giiirrrl why are you fronting?? You are over 30 years old and you live at home with your mom and dad, you ain't ballin' like you make it seem on the gram. I also know a dude that does the same shit, he'll post pictures of his friends' watches, cars that don't belong to him and snapchats of him bottle popping at the club. I grew up with this dude, I know he is not paying for that $4000+ Dom bottle every weekend. I also know he goes home to a 2 bedroom place with 4 roommates. I'm not trying to bash anyone here all I'm saying is keep it real. I get it, you want people to think you're cool but you know what's really cool when you are YOU. People like real, people like genuine. 

This is a bit off subject but since I'm on the topic of social media I thought I'd bring it up. Posting quotes and memes like "I see you stalking, nosey bitch" or "Dear hater, I'm flattered that..." If your posting a quote for someone that pissed you off, they automatically win, you reacted and now you look fucking dramatic. True power lies in showing that despite someones actions they aren't effecting you. Here's the thing, people sometimes do shitty things, you DON'T have power over what they do. You DO have power over how you react. Posting a quote/meme towards someones actions is fucking pathetic and doesn't do anything effective. If you have an issue with someone be an adult and talk to them OR even better, brush that shit off. Fuck'em. Also posts / snaps with sour puss selfies with captions like "I hate my job" and "Life sucks..." Ok, well then fucking do something about it. Don't like your job? Quit. Don't like your relationship? Break up. Don't like your body? Work out. Everything in your life is YOUR choice. Posting something negative isn't useful to you or anyone else. All you are doing is dispersing negative energy out. (ENERGY IS REAL) The world is going through REAL shit right now, we don't need your negative bullshit, first world problems on top of it all. 

I'm not trying to degrade anyone here, I'll I'm trying to do is promote self love. I ONLY brought up people / situations to show what people do to seek external validation. When you love yourself you don't need to demonstrate how "cool" you are, you simply don't give a fuck. Unequivocally love yourself like you're not waiting around for someone to do it for you. More importantly than not caring what others think about you, once you genuinely love yourself you'll notice that you become a magnet for awesome relationships and life situations. The universe fucking loves you and created YOU like the sun, the moon and the stars. You are fucking magic baby, you don't need someone else to tell you that you are. 


mariela torres
mariela torres


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