Living yo best life

by mariela torres July 20, 2018

Living yo best life

Dear person reading this, 

You deserve a life full of happiness and positivity. 



1. Change your thoughts from yucky to lucky. 

Did you know people have anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day. Of course negative thoughts are going to creep into that pretty little head of yours. The key is to change them as soon as you start feeling off. Have you ever experienced a time when you have been sitting safely at home, a negative thought pops up and next thing you know you're feeling anxious and yucky due to some bullshit scenario you just made up in your head?! Before your thoughts turn into feelings change them. Be conscious of how your thoughts are making you feel. You get to choose which energetic frequency you live in. 


2. Gratitude makes everything grow. 

Be so incredibly grateful for all that you have. Even your "problems" all the pain you have endured is teaching you everything worth knowing. Let go of the idea of what you think your life should be and be grateful for where you are at now. When you live your life through gratitude you start to attract more things to be grateful for. The secret of having it all is knowing you already do. 


3. Live less out of habit and more out of intent. 

Live intentionally. Before you do ANYTHING ask yourself why you are doing it. Many people live life like it's groundhog day, simply going through the motions. When you live with purpose you wake up excited about the day instead of dreading it. You are enthusiastic about living. When you live out of intent you bring value to others. Choose to make a difference while you are here. Aspire to inspire. 


4. Fall in love with healing yourself. 

"Fall in love with taking care of your mind, body and soul. There is only one you. You are truly once in a lifetime." Meditate, quiet your mind and feed it nothing but pretty things that will inspire, teach, and grow you. STOP watching garbage tv. Feed your body yummy, nutritious foods. Eating healthy is a sign of self love.. but also pizza. There has to be a balance and in the words of Britney "You want a hot body? You better work bitch." You will go through many hardships in this lifetime. Do the work to heal yourself. What you don't repair will always reappear. 


5. "Incase no one has ever told you today; you are a marvelous piece of this universe and this planet needs you on it." 

Our goal in life is not to find a job but to become the best versions of ourselves which requires us to become what our soul is asking of us. It can be anything from an entrepreneur, to a tattoo artist, to spiritual healer. Know that the universe gifts you dreams and ideas for a reason. The planet and humanity need you to be brave enough to live your mission and truth. Don't be one of those "I have a great idea and one day... people" Do it. Ideas don't mean shit without action. 

I know, I know but we have to make money for food, shelter and Sunday brunches with the girls. So, side hustle the shit out of that dream / idea until you're able to quit your job. Believe and trust the process and never, never, never give up on your dream, you can't rush something you want forever. "Giving up on your goals because of a set back is like slashing your three other tires because you had one puncture."  

* side note before I started Killem With Chic I had no idea what it was going to evolve into. All I knew was the woman I wanted to become. I also knew I wanted to make / sell rad tee shirts, write, inspire, and collaborate with cool human beings. I read books, made vision boards, wrote goals and ideas down, practiced affirmations, talked about my dreams and ideas with loved ones, practiced visualizations, meditated about it, I became obsessed (still am) and worked on it every single day. I became aligned with the woman I wanted to become, the woman of my dreams. 




"Following your life purpose is less about what you're doing  and more about who you're being. If you are proud of who you are and you're happy, you're living your life's purpose."  -Manifestation Babe 




mariela torres
mariela torres