Mad men

by mariela torres April 04, 2018

Mad men

 Every month we feature women 'Killing Them With Chic.'

Unfortunately most 20 and 30 year olds are posting false illusions, pictures to look cool and trying to impress people. Then there are other's who are using social media for something greater. We decided to switch things up this month and show the fellas some love. Here are this month's MEN utilizing their social media platforms to positively impact others. These men are game changers, influencers, dreamers, creators, artist, and mother effin hustling entrepreneurs.




Luckie Sigouin. Sports and fitness have always been a prominent part of Luckie's life. From martial arts, to basketball, to body building, and now long distance triathlon races, he has experimented with many different diets only to find out that he is at his most optimized self, living a plant-based lifestyle. With a strong call to make a difference in this world, he has built a reputation on Youtube as a lifestyle influencer through the making of inspirational vlogs. As a vegan athlete, his new found focus is to inspire others to live a healthy, active, plant-based lifestyle by vlogging plant-based lifestyle hacks to help make the transition to becoming a vegan easier and enjoyable. To expand his influence, he is on his way to becoming a personal trainer with intent to mentor more individuals on how to live the Luckie Lifestyle; creating and living the best versions themselves.

"You have to meet this guy while you're in Vancouver, he's incredible" my friend eagerly tells me. I met him and she was so right. He is inspiring, real and truly wants to connect with you on a deeper level. We talked about biz, relationships and all things life. He left a powerful impact on my life and has definitely become a person I look up to for truly being one of those entrepreneurs wanting to do good for humanity and the world. 

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  • IG: @luckielifestyle
  • PC: @robertjltruijen



Cesar Sandoval is a young mixologist and musician based out of San Diego. He is the bar manager for a Coastal Italian restaurant Catania. He also represents a line of artisanal agave spirits like Don Fulano Tequila and Derrumbes Mezcal. His passion for food, drinks and everything delicious came at a young age when he would binge watch food shows and try to cook anything he had available in his mother’s kitchen. He uses social media platforms to promote education, bring people together and create a sense of community, all while elevating everyone’s knowledge raising the bar and empowering them to be better.

Ask anyone what they think of Cesar and they will tell you he's one of the coolest guys out there. He oozes positive vibes and love for other's. The coolest thing about him is that he truly lives his life; through travel, behind a bar, kitchen or stage he does it all with passion. It's been awesome knowing him since he was 12 yrs old and seeing the man that he has evolved to become. I am proud to know him. 

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  • IG: @saysar 



David Castillo is the founder of Rottweiler an apparel and accessories brand, he's also the Co-host of Dice Roller Radio Podcast, and a SuavCity affiliate: working with artist such as Rossi Rock and Richie Moon to develop a unique brand and identity for San Diego. He uses his B.A. in interdisciplinary studies with focuses in Sociology, Psychology & Anthropology from SDSU and his deep spirituality in everything he curates and does. His son Esco inspires him everyday in being the best version of himself. 

David is hands down one of the most creative people I know. He is also one of the most kindhearted. When I first started with my brand, we'd do pop up shops and collaborations together. He has always been a huge supporter of mine and I of his. I am consistently blown away by his creativity and artistic mind. This dude is changing the game in San Diego. 

  • IG: / @stillo.suav 




Kevin Rehberg is the owner of which is dedicated to helping people reclaim their power, learn mindfulness and meditation practices, discover a life of peace and healing, and remove suffering. He studied Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at the University of California San Diego, and practiced with Punnu Wasu in Bali, Indonesia. Recently he's been using these principles as a way of manifesting abundance into his life, and has found that they help with everything from work, to investing, relationships, and much more.

Kevin and I met through IG. I asked him to meet up to talk about a possible collab; for some reason I felt like I had to meet him. We went in deep talking all things spiritual and life. He then tells me that he had written down in his journal 3 months before I reached out "I want to do a collaboration with Killem With Chic" and here I was reaching out to meet him... The law of attraction man, so rad! Thank you Kevin, for raising consciousness and making the world a more peaceful place to live. 





Miguel T. Diaz is a young real estate broker in Downtown San Diego. He's been in the industry since the age of 17 and recently decided to finally work for himself and build a personal brand and team. Architecture and design inspire him, development fascinates him and connecting with incredible people along the way fills his soul. "I have a son and often think about the legacy I'm going to leave behind. Real Estate is something that stands the test of time and being involved with incredible projects like 41 West is something that my son and grandchildren will be able to see after I'm gone and remember that I was a part of something so special. Giving back to my community is something very dear to me. I wasn't born into privilege. I was born to a 15 yr old immigrant mother in one of the poorest neighborhoods in San Diego. Not wanting to be just another statistic is what motivated me to work incredibly hard just to "make it." Making it means to be in a position to take care of my family and to help other kids through education, hard work and entrepreneurship to become more than just another sad statistic." 

I am so lucky to call this man my best friend, my brotha from anotha motha, homie, ma dude, the Leo to my Kate. Miguel and I became really good friends  while working out of the same co op space in Little Italy / downtown SD (shout out to DeskHub!) His hustle has always inspired me. He'd be the first person in the office and the last to leave. (with a whiskey in hand of course) His work and love to help others out is his passion, it's his art. It's been incredible to watch his growth not only in his biz (which btw he is killing it) but as a father, man, and overall human being. He just gets better and better. 

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  • IG: @miguel_t_diaz 



Nitty Beat."My name is Nitty Beat, forever a Toys-R-Us Kid, forever a student of life." He is a San Diego based photographer who travels the world to find the best food and to capture memories to share with the rest of the world. "I picked up photography before digital cameras were even invented. It was all for fun, until I learned the importance and power of a camera, to preserve memories, freeze time. When my best friend died at 21 by a drunk driver the photos I have with him and our friends made me realize how powerful a photograph can be." He's been shooting since to capture beauty, people, memories, and to show how he views life through his lens.

Nitty is the raddest. We met for a photo shoot / drinks and then I invited him over  to meet my family. Lol. I loved how open he was about entrepreneurship, his art, insecurities, vulnerability, relationships, love and life. He makes you feel like fam. He see's beauty and art in everything around him which makes him such a talented and original photographer.

  • IG: @_hanuit 



Tristan Gatto, PTA, E-RYT 500 is the yoga instructor you've been waiting for! He is the creator of the DailyOM top-selling course, Yoga Shred for Men, which combines yoga + high intensity interval training (HIIT) specifically designed for the male body. He is a licensed PTA in the State of California, Texas, Florida, and Colorado and is BLS/CPR Certified, Beyogi Liability Insured. From retirees to celebrities, Tristan has instructed and created custom yoga practices for all fitness levels from beginners to advanced yogis. With a close focus on anatomical movement, proper alignment, and safe therapeutic practice, Tristan has an intense passion for teaching healthy movement courses made for everyone! In addition to his courses, he instructs live master classes and workshops geared toward releasing and opening the body through specific flows, therapeutic self-massage techniques, and other bits of badassery! Tristan is a featured writer on yoga anatomy and men's yoga in "The Desert Outlook Magazine" and "" He has made frequent appearances in Massage Magazine and Chiropractic Economics Magazine as a national print ad campaign model for beyogi online yoga magazine. He lives by the motto, "OWN YOUR BADASSERY!" He lives and teaches in Los Angeles, CA.

I met this little cutie while working out of a coffee shop; we immediately became close friends and started prancing around LA together. He is one of the most funniest, funnest, people I know and a total badass hustler. His love for yoga and healthy movement is admirable. He speaks about it with passion and love and is continuously looking for ways to let his art and creativity shine through. I feel beyond lucky to have met such a beautiful soul, he has become one of my favorite people. 

  • IG: @iamtristangatto 
  • FB: @tristangattoyoga
  • Youtube: Tristan Gatto 



Javi Nunez. "My name is Javi and I make T Shirts. A lot of them." He has been designing and printing tees for a decade now, and loves every moment of it. Started small, printing a few tees here and there out of his living room for fun, and over the years grew into a full on production shop and clothing boutique. "Was it easy? No. Did the thought of quitting ever cross my mind? Yes. What kept me going was the drive and the passion to create, to be able to pour all my influences into my work without sacrifice or compromise. Add to that a solid business partner, top notch team, and the opportunity to work with my favorite artists, musicians, designers, and entrepreneurs. It is this combination that creates the ideal environment for me, and although it has been a great journey so far, this is only the beginning. For all you young designers out there, I’d say follow your dream, stick with it, and never lose sight of your goals. If you spend all your time and energy trying to keep up with the Kardashians your own life will pass you by. Invest in yourself, and everything else will fall into place. Thanks for listening, and remember, when in doubt, swipe left. 🤘🏽”

I have known Javi since we were little kiddos. He's always been the creative one in the group; he'd design all the fliers for house parties. Lol. One of the main reasons I admire Javi so much is how he pours his heart, soul and creativity into everything he does. Whether it's drawing, designing, making tees, or djing at Hemlock (seriously so much fun!) he is doing it with passion. I see him as one the pioneers to bring art, fashion, and music into the San Diego scene. Javi and I have depended our friendship over the past years by attending the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas together. He's been a huge motivator of mine, he always uplifts and encourages me to keep doing my thang. Ps. Don't let all the tattoos and black leather fool you, he is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. 

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  • IG: @hatchetface86 / @galleryaka / @hemlock_sd



Thanks for being such an inspiration in my life and to so many others, ma'dudes. Love you guys! 


mariela torres
mariela torres