The universe is your homie, it has your back

by mariela torres October 25, 2016

I was listening to the amazing and powerful Don Miguel Ruiz earlier today and sobbed seriously sobbed for minutes after hearing him ask the audience members “Please help me change the world” I felt like he was directly talking to me. Those 6 little words really touched me because I truly feel that we are all here for that reason, to change the world. 

One of the coolest gifts I received from god is the power to connect with people, it’s one of the reasons I started writing. Over the past 2 1/2 years or so I feel I have awakened my soul through mediation and feeding my mind with positive words and feeeelings. Since I have this rad gift I thought I’d share a little somethin’ somethin’.

We’ve all been through some shit and are constantly going through some shit. Unfortunately challenges are a part of life and sometimes the only thing we have control over is how we react to what it is we are going through. I deeply feel that the universe directed me towards my awaking right before my mother passed away to help me see it from a different perspective. Instead of moping around asking “Why did this horrible thing happen to me?” I thought “LIFE IS SHORT, be happy, be brave, create some cool shit, live your purpose, inspire some peeps, leave your mark on this world”

Not only will mediation help get you through the difficult times but it gives you sense of purpose, and it’s the best way of connecting with the universe. Take time to look up at the stars, look up at the trees or just sit and listen to the wind all that is not by accident just like you being here is not by accident. Connecting to the universe will improve your quality of life because you will feel yes feeeeel the universe working with you instead of against you and even when obstacles occur you will know that it is happening for you not to you. You are always being guided even when it doesn't feel like it. Connecting also strengthens your intuitive nature. Intuition when tuned in is such a superpower, I believe it’s the most powerful tool we can attain. Dr. Wayne Dyer once said “When you pray you are talking to god (universe), intuition is god (universe) talking to you.” Pretty fucking cool right?

What really inspired this blog post is all the drama surrounding the presidential election. We’re totally going backwards; The racism, sexism, the religious intolerance and what’s worse is that the hate is growing, it’s contagious just look at all the chaos happening around the world. We are feeding into it mainly because we are unaware, unawakened not knowing that we are dispersing negative energy into the universe and it’s completely fucking us up. I believe that when we change our personal stories we have the power to inspire others to change their world; it’s the main reason why I write this today. On top of everything mediation helped me find peace and peace is exactly what is needed right now; awaken your soul, let’s be better humans. Let’s turn this negative downward spiral around and start sending some positive vibrations out, our future world is depending on us. So I ask you like I felt Don Miguel Ruiz was directly asking me “Please help me change the world”

P.s. Meditation is hard at first thats why it's called a practice, you'll feel your mind wander and next thing you know instead of a spiritual experience you're thinking about what you should have for dinner... Click here for one of my favorite guided meditations! 

P.p.s. This is another practice I love!
Close your eyes and imagine a person you love standing right in front of you. Begin to send the love that you feel to that person. You and this person are similar. Just like you, this person wishes to be happy. Send all your love and warm wishes to that person.

Repeat the following phrases, silently:
May you live with ease, may you be happy, may you be free from pain, may you know peace. 

May you live with ease, may you be happy, may you be free from pain, may you know peace. 

May you live with ease, may you be happy, may you be free from pain, may you know peace. 

Take a deep breath in. And breathe out. And another deep breath in and let it go. Notice the state of your mind and how you feel after this meditation. After a few days try this mediation with an acquaintance then try it with someone that you have a negative charge with. Direct the love within you to everyone you come across. Send all your love and warmth to people. Each person on this planet and you are alike. Just like you, that person wishes to have a good life, wishes to live with ease, to be happy, to be free from pain and to know peace. 










mariela torres
mariela torres


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