Women up - Dia De Las Madres

by mariela torres May 09, 2018

Mothers day will forever be a day for me to think and reflect on my mothers life. Just the thought of her love and the supernatural connection I now have with her soul brings me to tears. I feel honored to have had her as my momma. I feel unbelievably lucky that although it was short-lived the universe chose me to be her daughter. Because of her I learned strength, hard work and perseverance. Because of her I learned compassion, kindness, love and respect for everyone and everything. Because of her I now have a deep connection to my higher self and although I no longer practice Catholicism she gave me the tools for a strong, spiritual foundation. She taught me to have peace in my heart and to send that peace to everyone I encounter. Everything I am and who I have become I owe to her. 

Her passing really made me admire and respect women in a profound way. It not only sparked an impulse in me to pursue my dreams but it inspired me to guide other women with theirs. I deeply know that my purpose in life is to awaken women... to let them know that the universe sent them their dream for a reason and that they MUST fearlessly and bravely pursue it. In doing so we inspire more women to live in such a way that it will help heal mother earth. Women are supreme healers, compassionate lovers, mothers and all things magic sent down from the heavens to make our planet a more beautiful place for our children to live in. 

The #metoo movement, the times up movement, women's march, women based platforms highly emerging left and right, feminism being named word of the year by the American dictionary Merriam - Webster in 2017, proves without a doubt that women are coming together in a major way to put an end to patriarchy... Unfortunately I feel like women empowerment has become a trend... It's become about posting feminist quotes on IG, boy bashing and wearing pink pussy hats; when it should truly be about supporting other women with their dreams, their businesses and endeavors. It's about raising their confidence and self esteem. It's about sending them love and encouraging words. It's about rising together and not feeling threatened by another woman's beauty or success. It's about treating every single woman as if she was your sister.

I have learned many life lessons from my mothers death. One major thing I have come to know is that you have one short life to live. Spend it doing what you love and you will have a positive, impactful effect in the lives around you. Happy Mothers day to all the magical, inspirational women of the world especially my momma, my spirit guide, my angel in the skies. 

mariela torres
mariela torres


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