About us

Founded by Mariela Torres. The name came after seeing this quote, CHIC - Creating Happiness, Inspiring Confidence. She thought "That's the sort of movement I'd like to create" All clothes are curated and designed in Los Angeles, CA. 



Killem With Chic was founded by Mariela in April 2015 in her hometown of San Diego after a ten year long relationship ended, quitting her corporate job as a lease manger inside Bloomingdales, and the passing of her mother. She was presented with many challenges, which ultimately inspired her to follow her dream. She started with nothing but $400 and a deep desire to empower women. She hopes to inspire other women to live their lives brave and free, and to pursue their passion with a sense of confidence and purpose. Style and originality are what defines her from head to toe everyday and drives this young entrepreneur to produce a uniquely witty twist on tees, write for the Le Chic Blog, host the I Don't Give A Chic podcast and take lead of the Spiritual Girl Gang Mastermind group starting in January 2018. 



Visit us at Stroll, Wild Dove, Vixen, Make Good in sunny San Diego and The Arts District Co-op in Los Angles.