Restyle your mind

What's better than a CHIC outfit? A CHIC mind. 
I went through an engagement break up with someone I was with for 10 years, quit my job to start a brand, moved to another city alone, my mom passed away and I got my heart broken by someone who ended up being married in another country, oh yeah and I was broke af through it all... this all happened in the span of two years. I grew tremendously through these experiences and kept it together due to a powerful mindset, the ability to control my emotions, control my reactions, and an extremely strong spiritual connection.
"Your trials did not come to punish you, but to awaken you." -Paramahansa Yogananda
I kept this quote in mind through it all and now live the life of my dreams. I have become aligned in becoming the woman I have always wanted to be and I get to happily do what I love everyday and make monaayy doing it. I know find it my life duty to teach others how to be it all and have it all too.
For 30 days you will be mentored by me. It's an unconditional love, judgement free, zero bullshit, impassioned support space. 
My ultimate goal is that you see a massive shift in your mindset, what you believe about yourself and a get a newfound connection with the universe. Become a happier, healthier you. See a preeminent boost in your confidence and self esteem. Break through old patterns and habits that are ruining your life. Shift from scarcity mindset to abundance mindset. Together we'll also figure out what illuminates your soul, find the message you want to share with the world and learn how to build an authentic brand that is aligned with your soul. I will guide you the entire way in becoming brave enough to pursue your dreams and take action in creating a life you love. Together we'll restyle your mind ♡
One month total life shift + Mediations, affirmations, and techniques to practice that WILL change your thoughts and how you see yourself + FaceTime meetings once a week for 4 weeks + Daily check in's to keep you accountable for the schedule and master plan set up together to make your dreams a reality = $444