Restyle your mind

What's better than a CHIC outfit? A styled mind.

Right before my jump into the entrepreneurial world I went through a major break up of 10 years. After 7 months of starting Killem With Chic my mother passed away. I learned a lot during this period, the most valuable lesson; Maintaining a healthy, positive mindset, 100%, undoubtedly not only helps you go through what's happening, but you'll have a deep understanding that it's happening for you and your growth. I now find it my life duty to teach others how to vibrate higher and give them the tools to keep a good mindset and radiate positive energy. 

'Restyle your mind' is a space of loving and impassioned support. For 30 days you will be mentored by me. My ultimate goal is that you see a massive shift in your mindset, what you believe about yourself, and a preeminent boost in your confidence and self esteem. Together we can also figure out what illuminates your soul and we'll lazer focus in on specific challenges. I only mentor others who will uplift and empower others with their newfound knowledge. I truly believe that by helping others rise we raise the frequency of our world and make it a better place to live. 

Have a desire to start a biz or pursue your dream? Every single idea and desire is placed in your heart for a reason. Be brave enough to pursue it, to take action on your ideas, to create your own future and your own income. 

I will share everything that has helped me find my message, build a ton of confidence in putting myself out there, and turn my passion into a full time business that seriously sets my soul on fire.

·         Learn how to build an authentic brand that is aligned with your soul. 

·         Learn how to massively grow your tribe through your content and message. 

·         Step into, and embody your next level self who already has it all. 

·         Shift from lack and scarcity mindset to abundance mentality. 

·         Bring out your inner confidence & peel away the layers of self doubt

If interested in being mentored by me you will get: 
• 1 zoom FaceTime meeting once a week for 4 weeks. We'll dream together and come up with a master plan to make those dreams a reality.
• I will keep you accountable for your goals and come up with different ways to achieve them. 
• I will send you affirmations and meditations to fit what your desires are. These affirmations and meditations WILL change your thoughts about how you see yourself. 
• Daily texts to meet in for 30 days. 
• Access to text me ANYTIME. I am here for you. 

1 month - $222  


Is this program only for someone who has started a business?
This is for anyone who has a deep desire to make an impact through sharing their message. Whether you are just starting out, or already growing your business- Restyle Your Mind is to help you own and amplify your message and gifts.

How does this all work, what kind of support will I have?
Once this program begins, each week for 4 weeks, we will have calls to dive into coaching + Q & A. We'll also meet in everyday via text to keep you accountable in attaining your goals. 

What can I expect from taking part in this?

You will see a preeminent boost in your confidence and self esteem. Clarity to help bring out your magic, and transformative mindset shifts. This is a very personal journey where you are going to dive deep into what you want to create for yourself in your life.



Enroll in Restyle Your Mind starting Dec. 5th 2018