Women up

Pink pussy hats, the future is female tees, girl power enamel pins.. Is women empowerment a trend? 

I've had multiple conversations with both women and men about this topic and I have come to this conclusion.. Women, we need to do better. 

The #metoo movement, women's march, women based platforms highly emerging, feminism being named word of the year by the American dictionary Merriam - Webster in 2017; without a doubt women are coming together in a major way to put an end to patriarchy but what I have noticed is that a lot of us although we talk about women empowerment are doing

the complete opposite. I personally and -- here about all the underlining competition. 


Right now I want you to really think about something. I want you to think about who you really are, you are a soul in a human body, you were made out of stardust and every other component that the earth and universe is made out of, our planet was created nearly 5 billion years ago, we're literally living on a massive rock floating through space and you worry about being better than another women? You worry about --- I mean come on guys. wake up. 

We are magical creatures sent from the heavens to make this place beautiful and love other humans, create and share love, share our gifts, share who we authentically are with the world.  Not compare and bring other women down. I hear women all the time that are worried about other women who are doing something like they are -- 

I experience it all the time, most of the women who write, comment and show me love aren't women I have known all my life but are women who don't even know me at all. Last month I noticed something pretty sad. Every month I feature women who are killing them with chic, these women are using social media for a greater impact. last month i decided to feature 8 men instead. all 8 men reposted, shared, and even wrote about their feature. 6 out of the 20 women I have featured have shared the blog post... 

Women empowerment isn't about -- but about really being a sister to all women, about thinking


Women empowerment is  It's about love and sharing that love with other women, it's suppose to be about sister hood and helping each other rise. Every single women on this planet is oppressed. Not a single country has achieved gender equality, if you are a women living today, you are oppressed and yet instead of banning together we're still showing each other catty behavior. Don't just go to the marches do something. Don't just post about it, do something. What are you really doing to empower women. 

I preach women empowerment so please don't take this as a bash. I want more women to love and be kind and more women. I just think we need to be more kind and