Restyle Your Mind

Killem With Chic

My intention with Restyle Your Mind is to help you align yourself with what you are called to do in the world, amplify your message, and call more abundance into your life. Teach you to channel your next level confidence & clarity in yourself & your souls purpose.

  • Learn how to amplify your energy & connection towards your big vision
  • Get crystal clear on what you desire in life & business
  • Honor yourself & create habits that support the success & abundance you desire
  • Find your voice & message, so you can share it in a much more powerful way

If interested in being mentored by me you will get:
• 1 zoom webcam or FaceTime meeting once a week for 4 weeks. We'll dream together and come up with a master plan to make those dreams a reality.
• I will keep you accountable for your goals and come up with different ways to achieve them.
• I will send you affirmations and meditations to fit what your desires are. These affirmations and meditations WILL change your thoughts about how you see yourself.
• Daily texts to meet in for 30 days.
• Access to text me ANYTIME. I am here for you.

* If interested but need more information email me at


xo, Mariela 


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